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Pokemon Forretress Papercraft

forretress papercraft 300x225 Pokemon Forretress Papercraft

Pokémon is funny and cute games character. And, when it’s funny and cute from the beginning, if we change and use it as paper model, so, we also can get funny and cute paper model. For the example, you can try this Pokémon Forretress Papercraft.

Pokémon Forretress 3d paper models use the Pokémon Forretress as the model. And because Pokémon Forretress design has many cube and boxy shape, so, this Pokémon Forretress 3d papercraft also has that design style. And that make this paper model is little easy to assembly. When we talk about the resemblance, this paper model can be said as the perfect resemblance of Pokémon Forretress game character. It’s made in high detail, so, if you successfully assembly this paper model, you will like having living Pokémon Forretress in your room. Unfortunately, the designer of this paper model doesn’t give this paper model a unique skin pattern like Pokémon Forretress have in the game. So, the color is little bit flat and plain. You might want to change its color or add some pattern to make it looks cuter and funnier.

If you want to get this Free Pokémon Forretress paper models, you can use download link below. You will get full complete base pattern that can be quite challenging.

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