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Pokemon Nidorino Papercraft

nidorino papercraft 300x208 Pokemon Nidorino Papercraft

I hate Poison type Pokémon. It’s useless against Ground or Physic type Pokémon. That’s from its usefulness. However, if we talk about the cool design, Poison type Pokémon is the champion. Just look at this Pokémon Nidorino Papercraft.

The Pokémon Nidorino 3d paper models are the model of Nidorino, the stage of evolution before it evolves into Nidoking, the coolest Pokémon ever. this Pokémon Nidorino 3d papercraft shows the coolest pose of Nidorino that like say “Stay away from my sight!” and with just one prick of its poison, you will need lot of antidote. And the design is also cool. This paper model designer successful made the Pokémon character into 3D model. The wide and strong jaws, the poisonous horn and the strong feet make this paper model looks like a living Nidorino. There’s even the unique pattern of the Nidorino on this paper model.

The detail isn’t too high, but, it’s quite challenging. If you just try papercraft, you might need assembly instruction to assembly this paper model. But, that wouldn’t be a problem, because, you will get beautiful paper model of Nidorino. You can get this beautiful Free Pokémon Nidorino paper models from download link below (base pattern and the assembly instruction).

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