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Little Urban Diorama Papercraft

little urban diorama papercraft 300x225 Little Urban Diorama Papercraft

Old building that you can find in sub urban area can be said as one of the artistic building ever build, isn’t it? And because of that, paper model that use this model would looks fantastic, just like this Little Urban Diorama Papercraft.

This Little Urban Diorama 3d papercraft shows a diorama of small city with many unique building. And, because this is diorama papercraft, there’s lot of parts you need to assembly on this Little Urban Diorama 3d paper models. This papercraft uses cartoon style paper model. So, you will find a cute little town diorama after you assembly it. However, if you look at it carefully, it looks little bit creepy. It’s like a ghost town. Therefore, if you have some small figurine or paper model of cartoon or movie character, you can combine it with this diorama, so, it wouldn’t looks too creepy.

Because there’re lots of parts you need to assembly in this paper model, you can say that that’s the challenge you can get from this paper model. If you interested, you can download Free Little Urban Diorama paper models from link below. You will get complete base pattern and there’s also assembly instruction you can use, if you need some help.

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