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Airbus A380 Korean Air Papercraft

korean air a380 papercraft 300x117 Airbus A380 Korean Air Papercraft

If you like traveling, you must familiar with airplane. If you like paper model, you also must familiar with airplane paper model. Because we want to talk about paper model, let’s we take a look at this Airbus A380 Korean Air Papercraft.

Simple and realistic Airbus A380 Korean Air 3d paper models you can get here. The design is very similar with the real Airbus A380 Korean Air, even the logo and the paint job. This Airbus A380 Korean Air 3d papercraft is also simple enough to assembly. Maybe, you need little patience when you assembly the engine and wheel. The other part is easy to assembly. Because of its realistic design, this paper model would be a great paper model you can try for challenge. Once you finished it, you can use it for decoration. Unfortunately, there’s no base on this paper model you can use to place it on your desk or other place. So, you might need to make your own base or hang it with thread.

This paper model can be downloaded from download link you can find below. And this is Free Airbus A380 Korean Air paper models. You will also get assembly instruction along with base pattern of this paper model.

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