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Pak Raden Papercraft Model

Pak Raden Papercraft Model 225x300 Pak Raden Papercraft Model

Do you know a character namely Pak Raden? Actually, it is a popular character from Indonesia. The special thing you can notice about Pak Raden is on his appearance. He always wears classic Javanese cloth. Moreover, he has a very thick mustache.

If you like to collect miniature of famous characters around the world you can take Pak Raden papercraft model as your next project. One more thing you need to know that Pak Raden was appeared in a television series for children know as Unyil. The television series is performed by several funny dolls which spread goodness for children. Incredibly, besides having this Indonesian doll papercraft design you can also see the real one. The person is also known as Pak Raden and his appearance is the same with this 3D Pak Raden papercraft.

Actually, this is one of the unique things you can get from Indonesia. At least, by having this miniature you can learn about traditional clothes from Indonesia especially from Javanese. The face is funny enough and probably you can introduce this character to your children. It will be better if you let your children to help you to finish this printable Pak Raden papercraft before telling them about who the character is.

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