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Dragon Papercraft Toy

2012 Chinese New Year Dragon Paper Toy 300x230 Dragon Papercraft Toy

Do you want to give a new toy for your children? Actually, you don’t have to buy a new toy and even you can just make it by yourself to give surprise for them. If it is related to 2012 you can take dragon toy as your option. This is because Chinese people believed that 2012 is a year of dragon.

In fact, this is also a year where Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year and this is why you can choose to make dragon papercraft toy. Because it is a toy so the dragon can be use to entertain your beloved children and definitely it is not only an ordinary accessory. This New Year dragon papercraft design is supported by two sticks and those sticks are useful to move the dragon so it looks real.

The color of the dragon is also interesting enough to see in which the dominant color is bright red and most children like bright color. The red color is combined by green, aqua, and white colors and it makes this dragon toy papercraft looks perfect. Just download dragon papercraft toy for free and start to make it step by step. You will be proud because you can make a special toy for your beloved children.

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