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Good Luck Dragon Papercraft Design

Good Luck Dragon Papercraft Design Good Luck Dragon Papercraft Design

The sensation of Chinese New Year is not over yet and you can see Chinese decorations anywhere. According to Chinese people 2012 is known as the year of dragon which means it is a good sign. Dragon is one of imaginer animals which believe to bring more luck. For that reason more and more people find accessories which have dragon theme. Instead of buying it you can just make it by yourself.

One of the alternatives is making good luck dragon papercraft design. The design is not a full dragon but what you will make is the head of the dragon. Moreover, after done with the project you can hang this fortune dragon papercraft model on the door to bring more luck. It is not a colorful dragon design just like any other dragon accessories you found but at least the color is representing the characteristic of Chinese New Year.

The color of the head of dragon papercraft is totally white and the place to hand the head is red. These two colors are considered as a special color for Chinese people. The size of this accessory is small so it is perfect for accessory which hanged in the door. Actually, you can also this 3D dragon head papercraft as a special gift for your friend so they can get good fortune just like what you hope.

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