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Lion Dance Papercraft Free

Lion Dance Papercraft Free Lion Dance Papercraft Free

The special character which mostly appears in Chinese New Year is lion dance. It is called as lion dance because in Chinese New Year there is a special attraction where the lion dance with certain type of music.

It is possible for you to have this character at home? Actually, you can get the miniature by downloading lion dance papercraft. The interesting part of this miniature is on the color in which the color is the combination between red and white. For your information red is a special color for Chinese people. One more characteristic of this virtual animal is on its big eye. Just take free red lion dance papercraft here and start the project right away. You need at least 11 pieces of matte photo paper to print the pattern in A4 size. Probably, it is a little bit complicated project for beginner and to solve your difficulty you can also download the assembly.

Later, you can put this red lion dance papercraft toy in your living room or bedroom. It is believed that this animal prevents evil and attracts good fortune. Specifically, lion dance is included on lucky items papercraft and after done with this project you can add your lucky item collection and there is a possibility that you will choose it as your favorite collection.

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