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3D Lotus Lantern Ornaments

lotus+lantern+papercraft 300x294 3D Lotus Lantern Ornaments

January is a month full of happiness. On the 1st of January, we celebrate New Year and on the 23rd January, there is Chinese New Year. If you wish to celebrate Chinese New Year, you can start it by decorating your house with special ornaments for Chinese New Year. The easiest Chinese New Year ornament that you can make is Lotus Lantern Papercraft Ornament.

The Lotus Lantern Papercraft Ornament is the conventional lantern that usually used by Chinese people in the past. To make the Chinese lantern, you should find its model from the internet because it is quite hard to design your own 3D Lotus Lantern ornaments. You can find the ornament models from the internet and then print it. However, you can also get the link to download Lotus lantern models from links in this article.

After you print the paper model, use sharp scissors to cut the pattern. It is better if you use thin paper to print the model because you will place candle or small lamp on the lantern. Follow direction how to cut and then attach the Lotus Lantern Papercraft using glue. When the glue has dried, you can put candle, lit it, and put it in front of your house.

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