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Dragon 3D Papercraft

Dragon 3D Papercraft Dragon 3D Papercraft

We have passed the 2011 and now we are in 2012, the dragon year according to Chinese philosophy. This year is predicted to be the best year of all because the dragon is the strongest creature according to Chinese mythology. To make this year the best year for you and your family, Chinese people usually put Dragon ornament outside their house and also in the living room. Therefore, you can make Dragon 3D Papercraft and put it in your house.

To make Dragon 3D Papercraft is easy because you only need to draw the model using pencil. However, you can use internet to find and download the dragon papercraft model to ease your work. You can find various models of Dragon 3D Papercraft using search engine or you can also click links from this article to get it.

After you download the Dragon 3D Papercraft, print it and then cut is according to the pattern. Prepare glue and after you fold the paper craft model, put glue on the provided place to attach the parts to make the shape firm. When the glue has dried, the 3D Dragon papercraft is ready. Put nylon to hang the dragon or you can just put the papercraft on the table in the living room.

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