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3D Viking Craft

3D Viking Craft 3D Viking Craft

In the past, Viking is very famous as the conquer of the world. The Viking possesses great power and they are the best in the ocean. No other nation has power to conquer the Vikings. In fact, you can watch several movies about Vikings and you can also find Viking souvenirs such as their boats. Viking is popular also with their great boat and if you like, you can make Viking boat from paper. You can make 3D Viking boat papercraft.

It is easy to make 3D Viking boat papercraft as long as you have the will to do it. You don’t need to have specific skills because cutting and gluing ability are enough to help you making a Viking papercraft. The first step that you should do to make the Viking’s boat papercraft is finding its model. The model will give big picture about the design of the Viking’s boat and you only need to print the model.

After printing the model, you can start assembling the parts using scissors and glue. First, cut the model according to the pattern and then glue it as instructed in the assembling guide. Give some ornament here and there, and your 3D Viking boat papercraft is ready to sail. Put it on your desk as a decoration.

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