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3D Chinese Lantern Papercraft

chinese lantern 3D Chinese Lantern Papercraft

To celebrate Chinese New Year eve, Chinese lantern is needed as a part of crucial decoration. The Chinese lantern is inseparable from the New Year eve because lantern is considered as the symbol of light for the coming year. Chinese lantern is very beautiful with its red color and motif. If you are interested to have your own Chinese lantern, you can find 3D Chinese Lantern Papercraft model from the internet.

If you browse the internet using a search engine, you can find easier the 3D Chinese lantern models. You only need to input the right keywords into the search bar and then hit the enter button. To ease you, I include several links in this article to help you finding 3D Chinese Lantern Papercraft models. The links here will bring you to the best site where the best 3D Chinese lantern model is stored in PDF file.

After you download the PDF file, open it with PDF reader and then print it. Use thin paper to print the lantern because you will put candle into the lantern. Cut the model as suggested by the guide and then glue it to the frame. Carefully hang the 3D Chinese Lantern Papercraft into a stick and wait until the glue has dried before you can put a candle in it.

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