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chinese fan Chinese Fan Papercraft

If you love Eastern culture, you can start by looking information about Chinese culture. You can open culture websites from China and learn their culture. You can learn first about their special ornaments such as Chinese lantern and fan. Talking about Chinese fan, you will love it at the first sight because Chinese fan is very beautiful. It is dominated by red color and paintings. You can make your own Chinese fan papercraft by looking for its models from the internet.

The Chinese fan papercraft are widely available from the internet. In fact, with clicks of your mouse you can find various Chinese papercraft models. To get the papercraft model, you only need to click the link and then simply download the file. The Chinese fan papercraft file are usually in PDF and it is easy to print because you don’t need further editing.

After you have printed the fan papercraft models, you should cut it according to the pattern and then carefully fold it. To get the best Chinese fan papercraft shape, you can use glue to attach some parts of the fan. Wait until the glue has dried and you can use as decoration or manual fan to cool your body.

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