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New Year means new page of life where you can fill it out with something better than last year. Wishing for good wealth for next year is also great thing to do. If you and your family love papercraft, you can use this cute Message Doll (Wealth Doll) Papercraft for celebrating New Year.

From design, Message Doll (Wealth Doll) 3d paper models use cute style of funny doll that wear Chinese traditional clothes. And there’s one interesting thing that you can find on this Message Doll (Wealth Doll) 3d papercraft. The dolls are holding gold Chinese coins. It said that gold Chinese coin is the symbol of good fortune. The papercraft style that used in this paper model is simple papercraft style. It use cube style paper model. So, you won’t have problem to assembly this paper model, even if you’re beginner. This paper model also has round base, so, you can put it on any surface or use it as decoration for your desk.

If you want to get this paper model, you can download it from download link that you can find on this page. You can get free Message Doll (Wealth Doll) paper models base patterns and assembly instruction.

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