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Santa Claus Papercraft

Santa Claus Paper Craft Santa Claus Papercraft

Santa Claus will soon visit us on Christmas and he will give every good child present for the Christmas. The Santa loves to laugh and he is very fat. He wears red and white suits too. Santa Claus loves children and to show that you love Santa too, you can make Santa Claus Papercraft then you put the papercraft in front of your house or put it near your Christmas tree.

To make Santa Claus Papercraft is very easy to make and you don’t need to have specific skill. First, ask your parents to search you on the internet the best Santa Claus Papercraft model or design. The papercraft model is usually ready to download in PDF file. Ask your parent to print the model on a thick paper, and then you can start cut it. You should cut the Santa Claus Papercraft model carefully because the scissors are sharp.

If you have done cutting the papercraft model, you can start folding and gluing the paper. You should ask help from your parents to assist you in making the Santa Claus Papercraft. Put enough glue on the provided space and then attach the parts. After the glue is dried, you will have your Santa Claus ready for the Christmas Eve.

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