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Christmas-tree Ornaments (Socks) Papercraft

ornament socks thl Christmas tree Ornaments (Socks) Papercraft

There’re many kinds of Christmas tree ornament that you can use to make your Christmas tree looks more beautiful. One of them is Christmas sock. You don’t need to use real sock for this one. This Christmas-tree Ornaments (Socks) Papercraft can become great choice.

Christmas-tree Ornaments (Socks) 3d paper models are model of cute Christmas sock. There’re two colors that you can choose, which is green and red. But, these two types have same design. The unique and maybe the beautiful part of this Christmas-tree Ornaments (Socks) 3d papercraft is cute flower ornament on the socks. And when you look at this paper model closely, you will find that this paper model whole body has some kinds of pattern, like what you can find on wool socks. And that make this paper model looks like real wool sock. Just hang this paper model on your Christmas tree, and you can get beautiful and cute ornament for your Christmas.

If you want to get this paper model, you can download it from link below. There’s complete base pattern and assembly instruction you can get at there. Beside one of the cutest Christmas tree ornament that you can easily get, this is also Free Christmas-tree Ornaments (Socks) paper models.

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