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Candy Santa Papercraft

candy santa papercraft 300x231 Candy Santa Papercraft

Santa is the best guy that you can count on, when if it’s about Christmas gift. He always carry pocket full of gift that can make you happy. That’s maybe what your kids think, when Christmas is about to come. And to make them happy, you can try to give this Candy Santa Papercraft.

Candy Santa 3d paper models can be said as one of interesting paper model I’ve ever found. This paper model is designed, so, you can fill it up with candy. So, when you pull the bottom side of this Candy Santa 3d papercraft, there’re lots of candies that comes out from its body. If we look at it, we can say that this paper model can be classified into unique and simple paper model. So, you won’t have problem to assembly it. However, it has many parts you need to assembly. The mustache, beard, clothes and other parts are simple and funny. But, the thing that makes me wander is why this Santa has thin arms? Maybe, it’s because, you take out all of candy inside his body that make it thin? Who knows?

You can get download Free Candy Santa paper models from link on this page. Now, just assembly it, fill it up with candy and your kids will be happy.

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