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Stretching Reindeer Papercraft

Do you know what the reindeer that pull sled for Santa do before they do their job? Like us human, they also do some stretching. That’s maybe the concept that designer want to show to us through this Stretching Reindeer Papercraft.

This is funny and cool reindeer paper model you can try. This Stretching Reindeer 3d papercraft doesn’t only have funny design, but, this paper mode also has unique mechanism that makes it able to move like toys. From design, Stretching Reindeer 3d paper models design is simple. It uses cube style papercraft that make it easy to assembly. However, the expression and the sports clothes that it wears make it looks funny. This paper model is standing up on top of a box. And on the side of the box there’s some kinds of round handle and when you turn it clockwise, it can make the reindeer that stand up on the box do movement like stretching.

Therefore, this paper model is great choice for Christmas gift. You can give this paper model to your loved one in the base pattern shape. So, you and your loved one can assembly it together. This is Free Stretching Reindeer paper models. You can get it from link below.

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