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Christmas Relax Bear Papercraft

Do you know relaxation bear? Yes, this is one of the popular dolls from Japan with their cute bear doll. The designer of this papercraft uses the model of those relaxation bear and makes it into cute Christmas Relax Bear 3d paper models that will be great for your Christmas.

There’re three kinds of Christmas Relax Bear Papercraft on this paper model. There’s brown bear, white bear and the last and cutest one is the yellow duck paper model. From the design, this Christmas Relax Bear 3d papercraft isn’t too simple. So, you also can get not only fun from this paper model, but, there’s little bit challenge that you can find on it. This paper model wears funny red clothes and Santa hat. Unfortunately, there isn’t base that you can use to make this paper model stand up. So, you need to place it against the wall or something, because the leg of this paper model can’t be used to make it stand.

Although there’s little base problem, this is one of the cutest paper model you can try for making your Christmas become more special. If you want to get Free Christmas Relax Bear paper models, you can download it from download link on this page.

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