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Santa Claus Box Papercraft

hako Santa film Santa Claus Box Papercraft

A simple box should be enough for making your Christmas party become more special and fun. The box that you can use isn’t ordinary box like what you can find every day. You can use this funny Santa Claus Box Papercraft.

This Santa Claus Box 3d papercraft is just looks like ordinary box at the first time you see it. But, if you look at this paper model carefully, you will find out that the entire side of box has picture of Santa face. more than that, on top of this Santa Claus Box paper model there’s a cute hat like hat that Santa usually use. But, that’s not all. You can open this paper model hat on top of box. Inside the box there are all parts of Santa toys. There’s body, arms and legs. Just assembly it and use the box with Santa face printed on its side as the head with the hat, and you get cute Santa Claus paper dolls from it. Of course, you need to assembly every parts of this paper model to make it become like that.

And because of the element of surprise that this paper mode has, you can give this Santa Claus Box free papercraft to your loved one as one of cutest and unique Christmas gift. You can get it from download link below.

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