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Chimney Sweep Papercraft

chimney sweep Chimney Sweep Papercraft

Do you know why most of house in this country has a chimney? It’s because, people want to provide a way for Santa Claus to enter their house and give them present. But, to make sure Santa Claus comes into your house, you must clean your chimney. When we talk about cleaning your chimney, there’s this funny Chimney Sweep Papercraft.

This is one of best paper model that I’ve ever found. This Chimney Sweep 3d papercraft has unique design that make it can move like toys you can find on the store. More than that, Chimney Sweep paper model also has high detail. The house and chimney that is used as base for this paper model, is simple. But, it has rich color and pattern. There are some kinds of handle on its side that will operate the Chimney sweeper to move and clean the chimney. The chimney sweeper design is cute. It looks like a man with black hat and clothes, also funny mustache that moves up and down to clean the chimney of your house.

Although this Chimney Sweep free papercraft is little bit complex and difficult, it would become great paper model you can assembly with your family. You can get it from download link below.

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