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Gnome 3d Papercraft

gnome Gnome 3d Papercraft

When we talk about unique garden decoration that you can find on most of house in this country, you must know about Gnome Garden, don’t you? Usually, this garden is used to decorate your garden for Christmas. But, if you want to put it inside your house, you can use this Gnome Papercraft.

The design of this Gnome paper model is simple. However, the shape detail of this paper model can be said as moderately high detail. It has many layers for its beard and mustache and it looks realistic, also the face of this Gnome 3d papercraft also looks beautiful in full detail 3D style. Unfortunately, this paper model is only available in one color theme. The gnome model in this papercraft use blue clothes, red hat and brown shoes. As we all know, Gnome Garden that you can find on the store has lot of choices of color and style. But, if you want to adjust and edit this paper model base pattern with different color, you can have lot of different gnome decoration for your Christmas.

You can download this Gnome free papercraft from download link below. You will get base pattern, that you also can edit, plus assembly instruction, if you need it.

Download it Here


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