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Christmas Tree Ornaments (Snowman)

ornament snowman Christmas Tree Ornaments (Snowman)

Christmas tree is one of most important thing that you must have for Christmas. To make it special, you can hang lot of Christmas tree ornament on it. But, if you want to make it fun, you can try to make your own Christmas tree ornament by using this Christmas-tree Ornaments (Snowman) Papercraft.

Christmas-tree Ornaments (Snowman) paper model is simple paper model. Therefore, you won’t have problem to assembly this paper model. Christmas-tree Ornaments (Snowman) 3d papercraft has shape like snowman. And the funniest part of this paper model is the face of the snowman. If you look at it carefully, you can find that the face of this snowman paper model looks like cat face with cute smile on it. This paper model is available in two colors you can choose. There’s red and blue snowman you can get from this paper model. To hang it on your Christmas tree, this paper model has cute hat design with hook.

It’s simple paper model, so, you won’t need instruction to assembly it. However, if you still need assembly instruction for this Christmas-tree Ornaments (Snowman) free papercraft, you can download it from link that you can find on this page along with base pattern of this paper model.

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