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internet box cat papercraft 233x300 Paper Box Pattern Template

When we talk about papercraft, there’re many styles that we can find. You can find papercraft with extreme high detail style, which is paper model with design very similar with the real model, and simple box papercraft. If you love the simpler one, you can try this Paper box pattern template.

This Paper box pattern template is the box style paper model of internet box cat. The unique thing about this paper model is there’s some mechanic system that made of paper inside it. Paper box pattern template that this paper model has is quite simple. With simple color and pattern, like wood pattern and cat fur, this paper model looks great and cute. But, the most interesting pattern in this paper model is the image of cat paw on the lever at the bottom of the box. And, when you push this paw image, there’s cute little cat that will pop up from above the box. It’s because the mechanic system that mentioned before.

Although it’s box papercraft, we can’t say that this is simple and easy to assembly. Yes, the body of the paper model is easy to assembly, but, the mechanic system maybe gives you some challenge. You can get it from download link on this page. You will get complete Paper box pattern template with instruction that you need.

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