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Santa Claus Papecraft

Santa Claus Papecraft 300x225 Santa Claus Papecraft

As we all know, Santa Claus is one of character you can only find on Christmas. Cute and funny old bearded guy that will give you gift when you become a good boy. But, when we talk about funny Santa Claus, you can find it in this Santa Claus Papecraft.

This Santa Claus Papecraft has cute and funny model of Santa Claus. The Santa Claus in this paper model has cubed shape. But, the funniest thing in this Santa Claus Papecraft is the pose of the Santa Claus that used in this paper model. Here, you will find Santa Claus that stuck inside the chimney. So, we also can call this paper model as the Santa Claus needs to diet paper model. It’s not quite hard to assembly, because, this paper model use cube style papercraft. The chimney where he stuck becomes the base for this paper model. Beside the pose, the face image of this paper model is also funny. You can find the face of this Santa Claus looks sad because of his problem with chimney.

Basically, it’s one of the best, cutest and funniest Santa Claus Papecraft you can find. If you love Santa Claus, Christmas and cute paper model, you can get this free paper model from link on this page.

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