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Christmas Tree Papercraft

Christmas tree Papercraft Download 300x199 Christmas Tree Papercraft

Christmas doesn’t feel like real Christmas without Christmas tree. You don’t have to get huge trees for your Christmas tree. With small and cute Christmas tree, it’s enough to bring Christmas spirit into your room. And this cute Christmas tree papercraft can be your Christmas tree.

There’re three colors that you can get from this Christmas tree papercraft. So, you can choose the color that matches with your room theme decoration. But, the most interesting thing from this Christmas tree papercraft is the image of sleeping face of the trees. It looks cute like it is dreaming or imagining something beautiful. The other unique part of this paper model is the base. It uses its hands to stand. This paper model looks even cuter with big star on top of its tree. This paper model is quite small. So, you can use it for desk decoration or you also can hang it on your real Christmas tree. And because it’s also simple, you won’t have problem to assembly this paper model.

To get this Christmas tree papercraft, you can use download link on this page. Overall, this is one of the cutest Christmas decoration and accessories you can get for your Christmas. And, the most important one, it’s free to download.

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