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SpongeBob Papercraft

SpongeBob Papercraft SpongeBob Papercraft

Do you know who lives in a pineapple under the sea? He is yellow, has annoying laugh and snail as his pet. Yes, he is SpongeBob Squarepants. If you love this funny character, you also like this Spongebob papercraft.

This paper model shows SpongeBob with his best friend Patrick having fun. And because SpongeBob is like box and Patrick is a star, this Spongebob papercraft can be said as one of simple paper model you can find. When I said simple here, it’s really simple. You won’t find many sponge holes in this Spongebob papercraft, like what you can find on SpongeBob character in the movie. Patrick star also is designed in simple style. But, the image that used for SpongeBob and Patrick face has high detail, SpongeBob with his wink and Patrick with his stupid face. And because this paper model use cube style, you can easily put this paper model on any surface. So, you can use it for decoration or accessories for your desk or PC.

This paper model is also free paper model. You can download it from link on this page. Overall, this Spongebob papercraft is cute, simple and funny paper model you can try, especially if this is your first time with papercraft.

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