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Paper Mario Diorama 300x150 Papercraft Diorama

If you love RPG game, you will know one of popular RPG title, Golden Sun. yes, one of the best and fun RPG game with great story you can play. Unfortunately, you can’t bring it in real live. But, with this Papercraft diorama, Golden Sun will be your room decoration.

This Papercraft diorama shows the scene where all four characters that you can play on Golden Sun fight with their first Djinn, the Earth Djinn. In this Papercraft diorama, you can find the image like what you can find in the game. There’s fighting menu and background. The most interesting thing about this paper model is you can change the image of the character or enemy on this diorama with different pose. So, when you want the character attack, just change it with character model with attack pose. It’s not quite difficult to assembly. You might need little bit patience when you cut all character pose, because, there’re many of them.

This is surely great paper model you can try to assembly. It’s also one of Papercraft diorama you can use to play with your friend. More than that, it’s free to download from link you can find on this page. For Golden Sun lover, this papercraft is paper model they must have.

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