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Rilakkuma Papercraft

kumahinamaturi 300x255 Rilakkuma Papercraft

Kuma in Japanese language means bear. And Rilak is the pronunciations of word relax in Japanese language. So, if we combine these two words, we get Rilakkuma, which is bear that can make us relax. This Rilakkuma papercraft is one of the relaxing bear that you find.

At first sight, this Rilakkuma papercraft is cute paper model. So, you will love it once you finished assembly this papercraft. This paper model also has quite high detail. Maybe, it’s because, this paper model has many parts that you need to assembly. This Rilakkuma papercraft has two bears that look like prince and princess bear. And although it said as relax bear; this paper model also has one cute yellow bird model in it. Basically, all cute characters that you know can be found in this paper model. The style is very Japan. There’s Sakura flower, pink color and unique lantern with oriental style.

Because of its high detail and maybe lot of parts that you need to assembly, this paper model will give you challenge. However, for something this cute, this Rilakkuma papercraft is worth enough for your paper model collection. It’s also free to download. You can get this paper model from download link on this page.

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