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KHBBS Stitch Ray Gun Papercraft 300x225 3D Gun Papercraft

Gun and sword is common weapon that we can find in the movies. But, if you love Lillo & Stitch movie, you must familiar with Stitch’s weapon, Ray Gun. If you also love papercraft, you will like this 3d gun papercraft.

Using Stitch’s Ray Gun as the model, this 3d gun papercraft successfully designed very similar with the gun. However, the designer of this paper model uses simple style. So, it’s not as smooth as the real Stitch’s Ray Gun. And because of its simplicity, this 3d gun papercraf is great choice, if you want to train your papercraft. The color that used on this paper model is great. Yellow and some orange color on some parts make it looks like the real model, but, there’s some orange colored part that looks blur. However, the blur part represents the texture that the gun has. So, it’s okay. The design itself is simple, like mentioned before. However, this paper model has all parts on Stitch’s Ray Gun. And that’s where you can get the challenge to assembly this simple paper model.

Overall, this 3d gun papercraft is great choice, if you love Lillo & Stitch movie and papercraft. It’s easy to assembly and this paper model is also free to download.

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