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google android mascot papercraft 300x208 Android Papercraft

There’re many type of logo or mascot of popular gadget that we can say is cute enough to be used as model for papercraft. One of them is the mascot of Android OS for Smartphone. This Android Papercraft shows you how to use this mascot for papercraft model.

Because Android mascot is only simple mascot, this Android Papercraft models also has simple design. But, if we compared this Android Papercraft with the real design of the Android mascot, this paper model is simpler than that. It has no smooth body like what you can find on the mascot and there’re many rough edge around its body. But, it’s still visualizing the cylinder body that Android mascot has. Because this paper model has simple design, it’s suitable for you who just learn about papercraft. It’s easy to assembly and it looks cute. This paper model also has base with nice image of Android mascot peek out of the base with Google text above it.

More than that, this paper model is free to download. You can get this paper model from link below. There’s also instruction that you can get along with the base pattern. Overall, this Android Papercraft is one of cutest and simplest paper model you can find.

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