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Pegasus Shoes 3D Paper Craft

pegasus boots papercraft 296x300 Pegasus Shoes 3D Paper Craft

If you play Zelda Legend game, you will know about Pegasus Shoes. The Shoes are a recurring item in the game that allows Link, a character of the game, to sprint at high speeds. The shoes have many advantages and functions such as smashing into walls or knocks things off. The shoes are special, have good look, and shape too. If you want to have Pegasus Shoes of your own, you can make it from paper. You only need to download the 3D papercraft Pegasus model from the internet.

You can find the models widely on the internet. The shoes are special and you will know once you find on the internet. You should download the Pegasus pdf file from the internet and then print it. Use color printer if you want to make it colorful. After you have printed the paper model, use scissors to cut it.

The Pegasus shoes should be folded according to the pattern. After it has been cut and folded, to make the shoes firm in the shape, you need to glue it. Put glue on the provided space and then attach the parts together according to the instructions. After the glue has dried, the Pegasus paper craft is ready to display.

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