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Chibi Sora Paper Toy

Chibi Sora Template by inunokanojo 300x187 Chibi Sora Paper Toy

If you are a game lover then you must know about Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. It is an action role playing game that you can play on a game console. The game is very popular among PlayStation gamers. The Game Boy Advance game is great to play and therefore many gamers love its characters. One of the characters is Sora. Sora, in the game is told exploring a mysterious castle and met many enemies. If you really love Sora and want to make the miniature, you can make it from paper. You can get Sora Download paper toy links from the internet.

Many websites have the file of the paper model toy because this character is truly amazing and popular. You can search it from any search engine by typing the right keyword. However, you can also get direct download link from this article. You can get Sora paper toy pattern if you click the blue link here.

You will be brought to a website that has the Sora PDF pattern and then you can download it to your hard drive. To start making the paper toy, you have to print it. To get better quality, please use laser printer. Cut the paper according to the pattern and then fold it. To make the shape of the Sora paper craft firm, glue it on the provided space.

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