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Grenade Papercraft Model

Halo 3 Frag Grenade Papercraft 300x300 Grenade Papercraft Model

One of the most effective weapons in short distance war is grenade. The grenade can cause medium explosion that can kill more enemies than guns. The grenade usually has shape like pineapple and it has trigger on the top of it. To launch grenade you need to have strong power on your hand so you can throw the grenade to distance area. You can have grenade on your desk. You don’t need to be an army to have the grenade because you can make it from thick paper. You can make the grenade papercraft by finding the design first. It is better that you find a design from the internet because if you design it by yourself, it will be too hard for you.

The grenade papercraft model can be obtained from various websites but to ease you, I have put links on this article to help you downloading the grenade papercraft pdf. The link will deliver you to a website that has the Halo 3 Frag grenade papercraft model. You can download and use it as you like.

The papercraft PDF model from the website is ready to use. You only need to print it and then cut it according to the design. After the design ready, fold it and the glue it. After the glue has dried, the grenade is ready to put on your desk.

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