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Street Fighter Papercraft

street fighter papercraft ryu 300x300 Street Fighter Papercraft

Street fighter is a cool game. What makes it cool is not only about fighting genre. More than that, the characters of the street fighter are also cool and unique. One of the popular characters is Ryu. For those who really like this character, how about if you make Ryu papercraft design to add your collection?

You should take this change because this project is challenging enough. You will make a papercraft step by step and what you want to make is your own favorite character. Probably, it will be a little bit confusing for you to make it and even you will take more than one day to finish because you don’t get used to. But I think this street fighter papercraft series will be good enough to treat your focus and sensitivity.

Patient is the key so you can finish this papercraft project. You may get difficulty to make it because of the detail. Let’s imagine that later you have a papercraft just like the real character on the game. The different is only on the material in which you just make it from art paper. Now, the first thing to do is downloading this printable Ryu papercraft assembly. Then, you can cut, fold, and patch the parts into a fix papercraft model.

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