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3D Wall e Papercraft Model

WALL E Papercraft 300x298 3D Wall e Papercraft Model

When I was see wall e the movie, strange was my first impression. There is no dialog on this movie. But I think the robot character is funny and cute. He can only say “Wall e!” I think I want to buy the action figure if there is any. But I can change it by making 3D Wall e papercraft model. For me the design is complicated enough to make but the result will be worth.

If you have the same intention just like me, you can download wall e robot papercraft and enjoy the project. There are lots of parts you need to manage. You have to combine the eyes, body, hand, wheel, and many more. The unique one is that you also need to make one more accessory. The eye of this robot papercraft model gives you a sign that you should finish him as soon as possible.

By the time you finish with the project, you will see a funny wall e robot papercraft. You can take this papercraft in your bedroom and put it besides your collection. Even, I think it becomes a good gift to give to your best friend in their birthday. Just focus on this papercraft project and you will be done it soon.

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