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Pink Hobo Papercraft Design

Pink Hobo Monster Papercraft Model 300x122 Pink Hobo Papercraft Design

To welcome Halloween party, you need to prepare something scary. Besides using scary pumpkin ornament, you can also take different ornament to make it complete. How about if you take Pink Hobo papercraft design? Although this design is uncommon for Halloween but you can see that the design is scary enough.

I think it can be a perfect papercraft design for celebrating Helloween. Actually, Pink Hobo is a kind of monster which has a pink color. It is not totally pink but the color is the combination between black and pink. He has long nose and horn which make them unique and scary. You can make it while decorate your house for Halloween. I think your children will be very happy to help you to finish the papercraft. This cloudy collection papercraft model can be downloaded here for free.

You just need to download the assembly and you need to do is cutting and managing it into a fix pinky hobo. You can just manage the result well besides the other Halloween ornament. If you think this Pinky Hobo monster papercraft design is a good design for supporting your Halloween night party it means you can just download it right away. Hopefully it brings the sense of scary more than before.

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