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Great Saiyanman 3D Papercraft

Gohan great saiyanman papercraft 225x300 Great Saiyanman 3D Papercraft

Dragon Ball can be said as the one of legend in comic world. One of my favorite characters and maybe the stupidest one is Great Saiyanman, the alternate character of Gohan. But, this Great Saiyanman Papercraft is cool paper model that show the coolness of this character.

The Great Saiyanman 3d papercraft shows Gohan in his Great Saiyanman costume. It’s well made that make it looks like the 3D version of Great Saiyanman from the comic. Great Saiyanman 3d paper models can be said as high detail model. All parts, from face, eyes, clothes and the unique hairstyle like all character in Dragon Ball has, are designed in best quality. You can say that this is the perfect model for Dragon Ball character. However, in Dragon Ball comic, the Great Saiyanman has hat and stupid goggle. This paper model doesn’t have that. So, maybe that’s the only flaw of this beautiful and cool paper model.

It will give you fun and challenge. It has high detail and it’s suitable for practicing your papercraft skill. You can download this Great Saiyanman Free papercrafts from download link you can find on this page. And once you get and assembly it, you will get great paper model for your room.

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