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Pokémon Heatran Papercraft

pokemon Heatran papercraft 300x225 Pokémon Heatran Papercraft

Pokémon is one of popular games that all people in this world know, once you say it. There’re more than 400 Pokémon types you can find. One of them is Heatran, cool fire Pokémon. It looks like turtle with steel and fire body, like it showed on this Pokémon Heatran Papercraft.

This Pokémon Heatran 3d papercraft can be classified as high detail papercraft. All parts on Pokémon Heatran can be found on this paper model. So, this Pokémon Heatran paper model will give you lots of challenge to assembly every part, from the biggest to the tiniest, of Pokémon Heatran. The color is kinds of blur or too light. You might need to adjust it on graphic software to make it clearer and brighter. And, if you print it with high quality print level, you will have beautiful model of Pokémon Heatran for your room decoration.

Because it’s high detail model and give you so much challenge, it will be fun paper model you can try. And, if you want to try this paper model, you can use download link that provided on this page to get all base patterns and instruction. This is also Free Pokémon Heatran papercrafts, so, you don’t need to worry and just have fun.

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