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Sticky Tongue Yoshi Papercraft

yoshi papercraft sticky tongue 300x225 Sticky Tongue Yoshi Papercraft

Super Mario Brothers is one of many games that have many unique and cute characters. One of them is Yoshi, green and cute dinosaur that like to stick out its tongue to eat anything. This cute Yoshi is also used in paper model, like this Sticky Tongue Yoshi Papercraft.

Like its name, this Sticky Tongue Yoshi 3d papercraft shows Yoshi when he sticks out his tongue. It’s one of Yoshi funny pose that you might familiar, if you play the game. The Sticky Tongue Yoshi Papercrafts models are simple model. It has not so high in detail quality, but, it still can shows the Yoshi character perfectly. This paper model can stand with using its two feet as the base. So, it’s great, if you put it on the desk or other place as decoration.

Because it’s simple model, you who just start to assembly papercraft can use it as practice model. But, it also can give you some challenge. If you want this paper model, there’s download link on this page you can use to download all base pattern and instruction that you will need. And overall, the Sticky Tongue Yoshi Free papercrafts is one of the best, cute and funny paper models you can try.

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