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Yoda Star Wars Papercraft

yoda Yoda Star Wars Papercraft

Papercraft is one of great activity you can do to have fun and challenge. One of the most popular papercraft models is Star Wars model. There’re many unique character from this movie that can be used for paper mode. This Yoda papercraft is one of them.

This is one of unique and funny Yoda papercraft you can find. This papercraft shows Yoda that stand with his rod and with open palm ready to cast spell. One of cool Yoda poses. This Yoda papercraft also use high detailed image for its texture. This high detail texture is applied on the clothes, the wrinkle on Yoda face and the rod. So, it looks great like real Yoda on the movie. However, that’s the only thing that has high detail on this paper model. Other parts, including the entire shape of this paper model can be said simple paper model. You might have problem with it, if this is your first time to assembly a papercraft. But, fun and challenge is the thing that you can get from this paper model.

The link on this page will lead you to the place where you can download this paper model. You get base pattern and instruction that you need. One thing for sure, you can get fun with thisYoda papercraft.

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