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yu gi oh dark witch papercraft Yugi Oh Papercraft

If we talk about the most popular card game, Yu-Gi-Oh is the right answer. It has unique and interesting, also challenging game play that make every people that play this game love to play it more and more. This game also has many unique characters. This Dark Magician girl is one of them. If you love papercraft, this Yugi-Oh papercraft that use Dark Magician Girl character can be your great paper model choice.

It’s one of Yugi-Oh papercraft with high detail. If you play Yu-Gi-Oh game, you should know that there’s the 3D model for this character. And this Yugi-Oh papercraft Dark Magician Girls is visualization of Dark Magician Girl model. It has high detail of Dark Magician Girl. The costume, hair and face are very similar with the character that you can find in the game. That make this paper model can be classified as master level paper model, so, it might not suitable for beginner.

There’s download link you can find on this page. Just follow it and you will get yourself on the page where you can get its base patterns and instruction to assembly it. If you’re looking for challenge and fun, also if you’re Yu-Gi-Oh lover, this Yugi-Oh papercraft is great paper model for you.

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