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Zelda mask papercraft

majorasmask 300x225 Zelda mask papercraft

Zelda is one of popular games from Nintendo. And, it’s not only its game play. There’re also many unique character and items in Zelda games that you won’t easily forget. One of them is Majora Mask, unique items from The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask game. If you love this game, you can try this Zelda mask papercraft.

This Zelda mask papercraft is the paper model for Majora’s Mask. It’s not too difficult to assembly. In fact, we can say that this is one of simplest Zelda mask papercraft you can find. Although it’s simple paper model, this paper model has beautiful design. The shape isn’t too complicated, but, the pattern on this paper model has high detail. There’re many colors in it and the most interesting part is the eyes of Majora’s Mask, looks scary like the real mask in the game.

This paper model is surely suitable for you who really love Zelda game and papercraft. If you want to get it, you can use download link on this page. You can get the parts base pattern as well as instruction, if you have problem to assembly it. Although this Zelda mask papercraft isn’t too difficult to assembly, it’s still one of best Zelda papercraft you can find.

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