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Mikoshi Japan Paper Models

Mikoshi Mikoshi Japan Paper Models

Japan has many unique festivals. All of them can be said as one of most beautiful festival in the world. One of them is Autumn Festival. One of the unique items in this festival is Mikoshi or festival shrine. If you love this festival or you want to know what Mikoshi is, you can try to assembly this Mikoshi paper model, one of Japan paper models you can find.

It’s one of beautiful Japan paper models you can find. This paper model is also designed in high detail. You can find all parts of Mikoshi in this Mikoshi Japan paper models, even the tiniest part, like pattern on the fence of this small shrine. If you want a challenge, this is best paper model you can try. It uses almost all techniques to assembly papercraft. But, if you think it’s too difficult, you can assembly this paper model with all your friends or family. You can do that to celebrate the autumn festival. If you want to make it looks more beautiful, you can print it in high quality.

If you want to get it, you can use download link below. You will lead to the page where you can download the Japan paper models base pattern and assembly instruction.

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