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tiger Tiger Paper Models

The Animals paper models are one of the favorite paper models that people want to assembly. Because of the natural and beautiful complicated shape of animal body, it also gives fun challenge for people who really love papercraft. One of the high detail and beautiful Animals paper models is this Tiger papercraft.

From its design, this tiger Animals paper models visualized beautiful pose of a tiger that want to move. It has lifted its foot to step and move forward. The strong and wild characteristic of tiger also showed greatly in this beautiful Animals paper models. It showed on the angry expression of the face of this tiger paper model. With strong and sharp look make this paper model looks cool. The head is probably one of the most difficult parts that this paper model has. You need lot of patience to assembly this part. However, if you have problem with it, you can use assembly instruction that you also can get from the download link below, along with all base pattern for this paper model.

It’s free paper model. And, if you want perfect result after you finish to assembly it, you must print it in high quality paper. There’s detail information about it in its assembly instruction. Overall, this is one of challenging and beautiful Animals paper models you can get.

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