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air tahiti nui Airbus Paper Models

Airbus is one of the largest air planes today. It can carry more than 200 passengers. So, we can say that this is the biggest bird in the modern era. In papercraft world, the Airbus paper models are also known as one of favorite airplane model, like this Air Tahiti Nui Airbus model.

This paper model has high detail. So, if you’re looking for challenge for assembling Airbus paper models, this is one of great model you can choose. This great Airbus paper models also has great design and it comes with pedestal where you can place this airplane model. Therefore, it also can be used as decoration for your desk. If you want to make color and artwork design of the airplane body looks great, you can print it in high quality level and best paper. And with that, you can make it looks like the real airplane in smaller size.

This is surely airplane model that can be categorized as one of most complicated model. As you can see on the size of the base pattern file you can download from download link below and the amount of pages of the base pattern, it would be really difficult to assembly. However, there’s assembly instruction for this Airbus paper models that you also can download along with the base pattern.

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