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Final Fantasy VIII GF Diablos Papercraft

Final Fantasy VIII GF Diablos Papercraft 225x300 Final Fantasy VIII GF Diablos Papercraft

GF or Guardian Force is common term that you will know, if you have played Final Fantasy games, especially FFVIII. In FFVIII, there’s one Guardian Force that also can be said as one of the strongest boss you ever face in the game. It’s Diablos. It has cool design like devil with huge bat wing. And this Diablos Papercraft I just found also visualized that GF in perfect way.

The pose of the Diablos GF on this Diablos 3d papercraft is cool. It just like when he wants to throw Gravija into your party. But, the most interesting thing that this paper model has isn’t only the pose. The whole design and color of this model is top notch. We can say that this Diablos paper models is the best real design of Diablos GF. And, it also can be classified as high detail paper model. Therefore, there’s high challenge that waiting for you on this paper model.

You can get this high detail Diablos papercraft from the link that you can find on this page. You will get the base pattern and instruction to make you assembly it easier. More than that, this is also Free Diablos papercrafts you can find. With high detail and great design, it should be one of great figurine for your FFVIII collection.

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