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Realistic Kingfisher Papercraft

realistic kingfisher papercraft 298x300 Realistic Kingfisher Papercraft

There’re two things that we can get from assembling papercraft. They’re fun and challenge. The simple paper model would only gives us fun. But, if you want to get fun and lot of challenge, high detail paper model is the best choice, like this Realistic Kingfish Papercraft.

Like this paper model name, you will find realistic model of Kingfish bird here. And when it says realistic, this Realistic Kingfish 3d papercraft is really looks like the real one. The feather and its color, also the texture is designed in high quality. If you print it in highest quality, you won’t be able to differences this model with real Kingfish bird. The shape and body design of this Realistic Kingfish Paper models is also created in high detail. The most interesting part that tricks my eyes is the bird legs. The claw and the texture of the skin are really awesome.

With all high detail part that you can find on this paper model, that’s surely guaranteed you will get lot of challenge from this paper model. It can be downloaded from link below along with instruction, if you want to lower the challenge little bit. And you can get this Realistic Kingfish 3d paper models for free.

Download it Here


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  • Marc Peters

    This is a very nice model, the artist, mr. Johan Scherft has other beautifull models as well.