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Slow Loris Papercraft

slow loris Slow Loris Papercraft

It’s easy to find cute looking animal. But, if you visit Southeast Asia, you can find not only cute, but also, unique and maybe weird animal that close to its extinction. It’s called Slow Loris. Like its name, it moves very slowly. Unfortunately, we can’t bring this animal to our house. But, this Slow Loris 3d papercraft should be enough to bring the cuteness or Slow Loris into our room.

This Slow Loris Papercraft has great design that represents the real Slow Loris. The detail is quite high, so, you might get lot of challenge when you assembly this model. In other hand, the simple choice of color, especially the eyes make this model is suitable for everyone, so, not only pro, but, papercraft beginner also can use Slow Loris Papercrafts models for having fun. However, the hand and legs of this model is the drawback of this paper model. Overall, everything is fine and cute as real Slow Loris.

If you have hard time to assembly this model, there’s assembly instruction that you can get from download link below, along with base pattern of this paper model. This Free Slow Loris papercrafts is small enough to put on your cabinet or desk, so, it’s great for room decoration.

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