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Rugby Ball Money Box Papercraft

rugby ball money box Rugby Ball Money Box Papercraft

It’s important to train your kid to be responsible with their money spending. Saving some of their money to be used later is one of way to do that. And this unique Rugby Ball Money Box Papercraft would be suitable for that purpose.

Like its name, Rugby Ball Money Box Paper models, this papercraft has shape like rugby ball that placed on top of plate. It’s simple papercraft, but, has great design that looks like real rugby ball, such as there’s ball seam and other. The simple shape of this papercraft model should give you fun time to assembly it. You also can assembly it with your kids. And, this Rugby Ball Money Box 3d papercraft can work like real money box. There’s small hole where you can insert your money and use it as place to save the money. And, when it’s full, you just need to lift it from the base and take the money.

It’s also free papercraft model. You can download it from link below. There’s also assembly instruction that you can download from there, if you need one. If you good at papercraft, this model wouldn’t give you challenge. In other hand, this Free Rugby Ball Money Box papercrafts would be great education toys for your kids.

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